I'm Amy, the face behind tyyni studio. Hello and welcome, I'm so happy you're here!

I use abstract painting to explore my own joy. I use colours, shapes and textures because I am visually and emotionally drawn to them. I am a deeply sensitive person and have found a great freedom in creating visually stimulating pieces of art.

I can be easily affected either negatively or positively from merely experiencing certain shapes, colours and textures together, and my work has become an exercise in pursuing the pure joy of finding the right balance of elements.


I struggled for many years during college and university with conforming to a brief and the need for there to be a narrative behind my work. I now paint as an antidote to this, my work is born of pure visual hunger and emotional connection to what I see. In a world where I can feel left behind when communicating through words, I have found my own way of expressing my feelings and emotions in a visual form.


I find myself motivated by the search for a positive mental state. The world is a challenging and noisy place and I have developed a style of work that, for me, brings calm, positive and often euphoric feelings. Painting is something I can lean on as a kind of therapy when I’m overwhelmed and I hope you feel something of the same when you see my work.


Light-hearted and playful, my work is a way to counteract the negative by using colour, shape and texture to uplift. I want you to feel joy when you see my work. I want to create paintings that you are drawn to visually, even though you may not know why. I am interested in a wordless, emotional reaction to visual stimulus, and connecting with what attracts people visually.


I love to work on multiple projects at once, really immersing myself in my ideas and thoughts. I have more recently began learning to silversmith and thoroughly enjoy the tactile nature of working with metal. I am excited to explore my style in a new medium and create a beautiful collection of jewellery for you.

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